Tips for Better Golf

Do you even watch professional golfers hit some miraculous shot around the green and think "How did they pull that off?" Well, the answer is simple when you think about it. They practice their short game... a LOT. In this article, we will discuss some ways you can earn that precious touch.

Many golfers trying to be more consistent and lower their handicap ask themselves, "Do I need to practice or play more?" It's a great question. However, the answer is "it depends". 

Every recreational golfer wants to have a more consistent golf game. You hear it every time you play with someone new. Something like "I was hitting/scoring really well a month ago and I am not sure what happened. 

It is an unfortunate reality that comes with playing golf. 

Putting is a key component to being a more consistent golfer. Most golfers will hit anywhere from 26 to 40 putts per round. That is somewhere between 30% and 40% of shots. 

When trying to be a more consistent golfer, most are aware that they need better course management. This often leads to the question of "Do I lay back here or do I hit it as far as possible?" 

Does this sound familiar, you go to the range and hit a ton of golf balls. You are practicing hitting the ball square on the face. But when you get on the course none of that practice seems to transition over. Why is that? 

Understanding the game of golf comes down to a few basic principles. Some of these are obvious and others are about integrity and honesty. However, at the end of the day, this is a game to enjoy with friends. 

Managing your expectations while on the course is a huge part of the mental game. You need to understand what you are and are not capable of doing. Let's face you and I are not Tiger Woods.

You know you can break 100. You have seen glimpses of good shots but you can't seem to put it all together. Here are some tips to help you improve your golf game and reach your goal of breaking 100:

You hit the ball thin, fat, high in the air, a low burner, off the toe, and straight off the heel. What if I told you there is one easy step to fix these common issues?